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Service: Global Laundry Provider

As we continue our development, the need to set up and manage a global laundry network would not have been possible internally without significant additional resources. MNH provides us with an alternative - a single specialist point of contact to manage all laundry stakeholders across our network from start-up to ongoing BAU management.

Simon Soni - Director, Catering Services, WestJet

Service: Headset and Amenity Kit Supply Chain Management.

MNH are strategic suppliers to Virgin Atlantic Airways, providing a single point contact for the delivery management, servicing and refurbishment of Headsets and Amenity Kits. MNH maximise savings in both supply chains whilst providing Virgin Atlantic budgetary control in these typically volatile areas of spend. MNH are extremely responsive and “can do” in their approach including problem solving and in supporting new initiatives in these areas and managing any associated transition. MNH’s proactive stance on waste diversion and working with disadvantaged sectors of the community helps delivery of Virgin Atlantic’s corporate and social responsibility objectives.

Andrew Smith - Equipment & Logistics Manager

Service: Headset Supply Chain Management; all UK ports.

MNH are long term supply partners to TUI, providing a single point contact for headsets; MNH maximise savings in this area whilst providing concise monthly management information.

MNH's innovative headset repair programme continues to deliver us further significant financial savings whilst reducing landfill.

MNH give TUI clear cost/budgetary control and full visibility of inventory and forecasting, whilst ensuring compliancy with all WEEE electrical waste legislation.

Sandra Wright - In-flight Product and Service Development Executive - TUI