MNH Sustainable Cabin Services was acquired by Linstol, a member of the Hoffmann Family of Companies in July 2023. In Linstol, MNH has found a partner to provide long-term security for their team, enable further growth and continue to innovate in the inflight passenger comfort space.

MNH has enjoyed a strategic relationship with Linstol for over 15 years. We share a solution-focused, accountable culture based on family values which has helped both companies grow into industry leaders. MNH’s Performance Management and Refurbishment Programmes covering Inflight Passenger Comfort Items naturally complements Linstol’s industry-leading design and production strengths.

“MNH’s achievements in the last 25 years have been incredible thanks to our specialist operational teams, unique performance management platform ROTIX® and our strong partnerships with suppliers and airline clients. I look forward to the next chapter for MNH and to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and service levels our airline partners expect,” said Matt Rance, CEO at MNH.

Linstol specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing inflight passenger headsets and earbuds, comforts, accessories and consumables. Celebrating 30 years of being in business in 2023, Linstol strives to transcend expectations, elevate the travel experience, champion environmental stewardship and create an organisation that nurtures growth, fosters creativity and celebrates successes.

“Linstol’s growth and success over the last 30 years is attributed to our people and our strategic partners. MNH joining the Linstol Family is a testament to Linstol’s vision of spearheading a revolution in the travel industry by providing visionary, sustainable and unparalleled passenger comforts and exceptional service. I look forward to collaborating with MNH on a larger scale to increase our product supply and service programs globally through our airline partnerships and pioneering technology whilst delivering on mutual sustainability objectives,” said Mark Russell, Chief Executive Officer at Linstol.