Consumption and usage management with real-time data analysis and BI reporting.

With airlines continually looking at ways to reduce costs, many of our airline contacts are finding themselves stretched with less resource and more areas of responsibility to manage. During these challenging times, our airline partners have used MNH as a bolt on solution to support their Inflight Service and Ground Services Teams.

The experienced and specialist team at MNH, combined with our Performance Management Platform ROTIX®; can analyse consumption and usage ensuring the optimum inventory is used, held and delivered. This reduces costs in the form of waste, over consumption and excess stock holdings.

From catering items to dry stores MNH has been tasked by our airline clients for end-to-end supplier management and inventory control. With real-time data capture of daily transactions, we can deliver BI dashboards for all products, suppliers and ports making the supplier base more efficient and less costly.

Traditional ERP systems cannot cope with products that require extended lead times or those entering supply service chains. At MNH we specialise in demand planning these type of products to remove the feast and famine problems that are often associated.

More and more clients across different sectors and industries have looked to us for supplier management so if you think we could help – get in touch. Call 0333 322 0171 to find out more about our Supplier, Inventory & Performance Management.