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ROTIX® our Performance Management Platform specifically designed to aid measurement and management of Airline Service Chains.

Our Performance Management Platform assists IFS and Ground Services Teams with real-time data capture and management to reduce and control costs, improve onboard quality and consistency, manage service and stock levels whilst giving access to dynamic BI reports to improve visibility and decision making over their network.

Benefits of ROTIX®
Our specialist operational teams’ processes are underpinned by our Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® to support Inflight Service and Ground Services Teams to deliver:PMP Image 3

• Reduced costs via best practice processes.
• Improved onboard quality and product consistency.
• Single-point managed service levels, across all ports network wide.
• Total visibility and control with transparent reporting.
• Efficiencies in notoriously difficult-to-manage supply chains.
• Robust stock control, budgeting and an end to feast and famine inventory levels.
• Enhanced onboard presentation and hygiene standards.
• Rotable service chain management.
• CSR and sustainability objectives.

Read the Case Study for more information on how ROTIX® is assisting our clients to reduce costs, improve quality and consistency whilst having access to dynamic management information reports.

The Future
You’re in safe hands… MNH is a proven, specialist supplier with stringent CSR controls and ongoing performance management expertise across a global network.

ROTIX® functionality continues to grow with new tools and reporting facilities being added as airlines start to customise their dashboard and harness the powerful data insights it provides on their business.

The secure log in areas for all our clients and suppliers, our Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® can provide management information reports to allow our airline clients to make better informed decisions and control costs across their global network.

ROTIX® is getting quite a reputation. It’s not just our airline clients that benefit from using our Performance Management Platform. Our Supply Partners also benefit from working daily with ROTIX®... so much so, that we are being asked regularly by Port Managers to service other accounts supported by our specially designed Performance Management Platform. ROTIX® helps to make the daily life of a Port Manager more efficient with stock levels controlled, consistent onboard products delivered, and service levels and standards managed.