MNH operates to and is compliant with EU Regulations EC300/2008, EU 2015 (1998), CD 2015 (8005) and the UK Single Consolidated Direction 2016

MNH is committed to quality assurance and operates to ISO 9001. Our supply chain activities aim to provide high quality products and services, through correct selection, consistency and continual improvement. We are proactive in managing risk and implementing performance measures for the prevention of any potential non-conformances. We ensure all our employees are fully aware of, and are an integral part of, the business approach to quality.

We ensure compliance with the appropriate legislation and regulations across all operations of the organisation by region. We are committed to continual improvement through performance measured objectives and targets aligned with the organisation's strategic quality objectives.

Re-introducing items to the supply chain requires heightened security and quality checks to ensure product consistency is not compromised. We have a unique production line approach to our provisioning and servicing operations. All products and/or consignment are fully manifested and traceable to those who have handled it through the servicing process for complete accountability.