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  • Global Laundry and Headset Servicing Solutions

    Global Laundry and Headset Servicing Solutions

    MNH Sustainable Cabin Services

  • Global Laundry Servicing

    Global Laundry Servicing

    Total cost visibility & control. Network-wide service levels.

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  • Global Network

    Global Network

    We operate where our clients do.

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  • Global Headset Servicing

    Global Headset Servicing

    Network-wide consolidation. Single point of contact. True cost control.

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MNH delivers Global Laundry, Headset and Kit Servicing Solutions to the Airline Industry.

We provide our airline clients consolidated Laundry and Headset servicing solutions; single-point contact backed by network-wide coverage. This gives increased cost control, financial savings and product consistency, whilst reducing resource costs.

We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on accountability. We believe the trend towards greener business practices is not only an opportunity for MNH, but also a chance for the travel sector to divert colossal amounts of waste from landfill.

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