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As a result of economies of scale, MNH supplies some of the world's largest travel operators with Headsets and other comfort items.

Rotable (banded) Headsets

Thanks to superior sound and comfort, Rotable headsets produce higher IFE passenger experience scores in all cabins; something most of our airline clients invest millions into their IFE systems to achieve.

The good news is, with MNH as your headset servicing partner, a rotable headset also costs less than a disposable headset.

So if the costs are the same or less, why not upgrade your onboard economy product offering to a rotable headset?

Contacts us for a quotation and service guide at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01342 710452.

Single use Headsets

Where servicing is not an option we can offer single-use headsets - thanks to economies of scale we supply many of the world's largest tour guide operators. We provide all our customers with unique advice that helps minimise usage and whole-life cost as well as looking at end-of-life recycling in accordance with environmental legislation.

If you'd like to discuss your product requirements further, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 03333 220171.

Here’s an example of how we work with our clients on innovative product solutions.

Rotable Vs Disposable Headsets – the debate...

“We need to cut costs - If we move to a disposable Headset will our Headset spend go down?”

As experts in airline Headset Servicing and Supply (we have over 20 years’ experience!) we get asked this question a lot.

Quite simply the answer is NO! With the right servicing partner, a rotable Headset costs less per seat and gives better customer experience so why settle for a disposable downgrade that will...

  • Increase landfill – which goes against most airlines’ environmental objectives.
  • See a decline in customer satisfaction – research* shows customers prefer a banded headset when flying long haul.
  • Devalue your IFE – with many airlines investing heavily in their IFE systems, Headsets form an integral part of the passenger experience across all cabins. They are a key factor in IFE NPS.

Recent market search shows that banded headsets are preferred to in-ear for all aspects surveyed. This includes sound quality, comfort and overall enjoyment of the IFE. It follows that Rotable Headsets are a positive contributor to IFE satisfaction ratings for airlines who use them.

This is not new news. Peter Miller, Head of Marketing for Skytrax (the international air transport rating organisation) says: “There is no doubt that sound quality is enhanced by banded headsets, and our own tests through 2015 have the new Emirates headset we tested through July/August as the best practice for Y class”.

Whilst findings are relative to product quality, he also said that ‘the switch from disposable to banded handsets by SIA as an example did result in users we communicated with reporting a better overall experience with the IFE”.

*The research was conducted by Opinium Research LLP, in conjunction with Research Management & Consultancy Ltd, using Opinium’s online omnibus panel.

IFE Headset Research – Banded Is Best.

Read more about our thoughts on Headsets from Onboard Hospitality.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Kanga Wrap

At MNH we hate unnecessary packaging, in particular polythene. We have worked on a variety of product briefs from clients to date to reengineer packaging, maintaining product integrity whilst providing a more sustainable solution. In many instances we can remove huge amounts of polythene, reduce onboard weight whilst enhancing product presentation without increasing cost. Contacts us if you have a requirement you'd like to discuss at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 03333 220171.

Introducing the Kanga Wrap...
When Qantas recently launched their new high-quality, rotable Headset to enhance and differentiate their onboard passenger experience, MNH was challenged to reduce inflight packaging waste, in-line with Qantas' environmental aspirations.

Qantas and MNH worked in partnership to develop a far more sustainable solution than the plastic envelope used previously to package headsets... a simple paper FSC strip, lovingly known as the Kanga Wrap.

The Kanga Wrap is a non-plastic, cost-neutral solution that protects the integrity of the Headset and presents the product well. When this plastic-free solution is rolled out across all classes, we will be diverting a meter of plastic per person from landfill every time a Qantas flight operates. That's over 6000kms of plastic diverted pa - enough to stretch from Dubai to Hamburg!

Amenity Kits & Comfort Items

We both supply and operate Amenity Kit Refurbishing programmes for numerous key airline clients. We are able to evolve the kit contents based on item popularity and recyclability to optimise spend and passenger experience.

Contacts us if you have an equiry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 03333 220171.