ROTIX® our Performance Management Platform specifically designed to aid measurement and management of Airline Service Chains.

ROTIX® Has been specifically designed to help manage performance in Aviation Service Chains such as Catering, Laundry, Headsets & Dry Stores. Traditional inventory systems focus on expensing product to the system. ROTIX® focuses on the performance of these items once expensed to the system to identify inefficiencies and in turn, reduce cost and waste.

ROTIX® links to all suppliers and working stock locations in the service chain. Data streams are collected via automated API and webform links –this provides unique real-time dashboard reporting to direct and control costs savings, performance management and ultimately aid decision making.

The resulting data is unique and helps guide our Operational Performance Team to identify and subsequently problem solve cost saving opportunities based on operational experience gleaned from across our global client base. ROTIX® drives workflow automation to add efficiencies and daily disciplines -particularly in rotable Aviation Service Chains, in turn reducing volumes, costs and waste.

Read our Case Studies for more information on how ROTIX® is assisting our clients to reduce costs, improve quality and consistency whilst having access to dynamic management information reports.