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MNH is proud of all our fundraising to date – it’s a real team effort.

In Partnership with our friends, customers and suppliers, we have the opportunity to change the lives of a significant number of disadvantaged people around the world. MNH is very proud of all of our fundraising efforts to date – it’s a real team effort.

For the last 7 years MNH has supported WE (formerly known as Free The Children) as well as other comunity charities that are close to our hearts.

We are currently planning our 2017 fundraising strategy - look out for news about our latest campaign and future fundraising efforts soon... in the meantime, read more about our historical fundraising efforts below.

  • 2015/16 WE (formerly known as Free The Children)

    2015/16 WE (formerly known as Free The Children)

    In 2015 we sponsored two of our long-term, valued UK team members Laima Jankauskaite and Shane Goodayle to travel to India to help build a school with WE (formerly known as Free The Children) as part of their Adopt a Village programme. WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Today we are millions of people working together to shift the world from “me” to “we.” WE Charity works to empower change domestically through WE Schools, and internationally through WE Villages. For more information visit

    India Trip

    The distance from the MNH’s UK Head Office to this village in India is over 6,000km. During 2016, collectively as a team MNH ran, cycled and walked this distance to help to raise money for Change For Children (part of the Virgin Atlantic Foundation) - in total we raised over £2,000! Thank you everyone for your support.

    The Virgin Atlantic Foundation is a UK registered charity, set up in 2003 to support the welfare of children and young people through funds raised through their community investment programme.

    All the Change for Children funds are donated to Virgin's charity partner WE (formerly called Free the Children). They’re working together to invest in young people in the UK and around the world.



  • 2013/14 Outreach 3Way Out There!

    2013/14 Outreach 3Way Out There!

    MNH supported a local community charity, Outreach 3Way a Sussex-based learning disabilities charity. MNH has a very special partnership with Outreach 3Way so this is a charity that is very close to our hearts.

    MNH supported Outreach 3Way to raise over £6,000 to re-fit their gymnasium and supply some new sports equipment for Out There! who run a programme of daytime, evening and weekend leisure activities and sports choices that really help to make a difference.

    For more information visit

    In 2014 our Just Giving Page was one of the most successful of 2014. MNH ended the year in the top 3% of fundraisers.

  • 2012/13 – The Asemkow Community, Ghana

    2012/13 – The Asemkow Community, Ghana

    MNH sponsored two valued members of our team Claire Dilworth and Sally Lewis to accompany the Virgin Atlantic team to Ghana to support their fund-raising campaign for the community of Asemkow, a small fishing village. The people in the community live on less than £2 a day with less than 50% of children regularly attending school.

    The goal of the project was to raise £100,000 to build, furnish and provide school supplies for 5 classrooms so the children of Asemkow community can receive quality primary education.


  • 2010/11 – MNH Adopted a Kenyan Village

    In partnership with Virgin Atlantic and Free the Children – MNH raised money towards the building of a Kenyan Village. MNH also sponsored two of our key members of staff Iain Moorey and Georgina Jackson to accompany the Virgin Atlantic team to Kenya to help with the build project.

    Kenya 2 002  Iain Kenya 2 002  Kenya 3 002

  • 2009 - MNH supported Outreach 3Way

    2009 - MNH supported Outreach 3Way

    Virgin Atlantic donated two flights to New York to support MNH’s fundraising campaign for Outreach 3Way. By raffling the tickets MNH raised over £1,000 for the charity and two lucky winners flew to New York for a holiday with Virgin Atlantic.

  • 2017 Fundraising - Outreach

    We are currently reviewing our fundraising efforts for 2017 and what fun activity we can do as a team to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity.

    At the end of last year we helped support Outreach 3 Way by keeping their sheltered workshop open providing valuable, meaningful work for their specialist workforce.

    MNH has worked with Outreach for over 15 yeas but new regulations and increasing pressure on this workshop had forced the charity's management into closing it. In the spirit of this long-term partnership, MNH was able to provide a funding solution and together with the MNH team provided the materials and labour to redecorate and reopen the unit, much to the delight of the Outreach team and their workforce.

    Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.

    For 2017 we plan to continue with our fundraising to support this local charity that is very close to our hearts. More information to follow...

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