MNH has a long heritage in sustainability

MNH believes in making a positive contribution to the community and the environment. This is underpinned by sustainable practises but we also aim to leave a legacy …to make a positive contribution.

We are passionate about what we do and believe the trend towards greener business practices is not only an opportunity for MNH, but also a chance for the aviation sector to divert colossal amounts of waste from landfill.

We are committed to being an environmentally sustainable organisation operating to ISO 14001 standards. Our activities aim to reduce resource consumption, minimise pollution, proactively manage environmental risks and comply with the appropriate legislation and regulations across all operations of the organisation. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance through the setting and measurement of objectives and targets aligned with the organisation’s environmental objectives.

MNH works with all clients to support their sustainability objectives; reducing their cabin waste, landfill and meeting other environmental objectives.

For the 5th year running MNH features in Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Report: Change Is In The Air! MNH's CEO Matt Rance joins Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Specialist Kathryn Asplin as she explores how they work in partnership to divert cabin waste from landfill. MNH reuses or recycles 500 tonnes of waste for Virgin Atlantic each year. Nothing goes to landfill.

For more information on how MNH works with Virgin Atlantic to help achieve their Sustainability Objectives read their latest Sustainability Report ‘Change Is In The Air’.

Contact us for more information about the pioneering sustainable initiatives our teams are involved with, worldwide.