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This year we have chosen to support one of our long-term, local community partners Outreach 3 Way as our chosen Christmas Gift Recipient in the UK. We hope they enjoy their new workshop - thanks to all our friends and staff who helped to make this possible.

In Australia MNH decided to support the Unicef Change for Good program as their Christmas Gift Recipient. Our Christmas Gift will buys much-needed mosquito nets to protect children from Malaria.

As normal we have sent Christmas ecards and instead of cutting down trees, we've planted 10!

Merry Christmas from all the team at MNH!

MNH supported Outreach 3 Way in keeping their sheltered workshop open providing valuable, meaningful work for their specialist workforce.

MNH has worked with Outreach for over 15 yeas but new regulations and increasing pressure on this workshop had forced the charity's management into closing it. In the spirit of this long-term partnership, MNH was able to provide a funding solution and together with the MNH team provided the materials and labour to redecorate and reopen the unit, much to the delight of the Outreach team and their workforce.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.

MNH recently commissioned an independent research study amongst long-haul airline passengers to assess their behaviours in respect of IFE and their preferences with regards to IFE headsets.

The results show that banded headsets are preferred to in-ear for all aspects surveyed, including sound quality, comfort and overall enjoyment of the IFE.

Key findings:

  • In-flight entertainment remains an integral & essential part of the long-haul flight experience. A substantial majority (71%) of passengers used the IFE on their long-haul flight. As such a core element of the flight, delivery of a good quality IFE experience is key.
  • Preference for banded headsets clearly outweighs that for in-ear headsets for all aspects surveyed ie. sound quality, comfort/ wear-ability, overall enjoyment of the in-flight entertainment.

  • Banded headsets are preferred to in-ear with preference becoming increasingly marked in line with flight duration. For 2hr+ flights, 50% prefer banded headsets (vs only 21% for in-ear).

  • 76% agree that IFE headsets should be provided free of charge. Additionally, the majority agree that on-board products should be produced ethically and disposed of responsibly, and that it is the airlines’ duty to ensure this is the case.

Read on to find out why banded is best! and the press release 'Rotable Headsets vs Disposable Headsets - A Sound Investment'

MNH celebrates being a finalist in the 2016 Onboard Hospitality Awards for Sustainability Onboard with the Kanga Wrap*.

For more information about the Kanga Wrap see MNH Presents the Kanga Wrap.

* Kanga Wrap Registered Design Right MNH Sustainable Cabin Services Ltd 2015

Our annual ISO Audit took place in January and we are thrilled to say that MNH has once again been awarded ISO 9001 / 14001 Accreditations for Quality and Environmental Management.

Congratulations to all the team involved!