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Coinciding with International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples on 9 August, two of our Australian facilities have been recognised internationally for their high performance.

A team at Darwin Correctional Centre has won a workforce performance award, Refurbisher of the Year, for the second consecutive year. The team share the award with disability enterprise, Bindi Enterprises, Lifestyle Solutions (Bindi) in Alice Springs.
MNH is proud to partner with specialist workforces from both the disabled and prison sectors across our Global Network. We offer our clients the choice of using our in-house teams but actively promote the support of these unique sectors.

Ruth Mellor, Senior Industry Officer, Darwin Correctional Centre, says, "Our supported employees are dedicated and loyal; they take pride in their work and are committed. Their contribution is valued and they in turn value their own work with pride and satisfaction."

While Cindy Walters, Bindi Enterprises, Lifestyle Solutions Coordinator says, "It builds confidence and provides a sense of achievement to see their product in the community. Physically it assists with improving fine and gross motor skills, and cognitively builds on numeracy foundations."

Centralian Advocate Headset Refurbishers RecognisedThis exciting news story has been reported in the local Alice Springs press. The article featured in the Centralian Advocate, a bi-weekly newspaper at Alice Springs in the Northern Territory with a readership of over 15,000 people.

Congratulations to both teams from everyone at MNH.

MNH features on pages 19, 20, 24 and 46 of Change Is In The Air 2017, Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Report.

It's really great to see what a socially responsible airline can achieve with a like-minded supply partner like MNH.

Since 2008, high value recyclables in Virgin Atlantic's cabin waste have been collected and sent to us and we've helped them to reduce the total amount of this cabin waste to 453 tonnes - that’s a reduction of 43%! Together, this has been achieved through:

  • more innovative product design
  • investing in reusable rather than disposable products
  • smarter loading of products, in line with customer numbers and product use

This has resulted in:

  • meaningful work for hundreds of specialist workforces in the community
  • tonnes of product diverted from landfill
  • better quality headsets onboard AND
  • a financial saving over the disposable equivalent.

That's a Win, Win, Win!!

To read Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Report in full click on the link below - it's a great read!

Great article from Virgin Unite on plastic pollution and the impact on our oceans.

It's great to see our airline clients working with us to introduce innovate plastic-free packaging as well as reducing single use products and polythene packaging onboard!

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with plastic-free packaging solutions.

The MNH team are just back from a successful World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg. It gets bigger and better every year and we really enjoyed showcasing ROTIX, our specially designed ERP system. ROTIX underpins the activities of our Operational teams in managing our unique supply chains to give increased cost control, financial savings and product consistency.

Now the hard work really starts... following up on all the meetings and rolling out ROTIX across our Global Network!

If you'd like to find out more about ROTIX, please contact us.

The ridiculous story of airline food and why so much ends up in landfill featured in The Guardian 1st April 2017.

Here's a snapshot from the feature but to read the article in full visit

"Once a plane has landed, huge volumes of disposable items are thrown away" says Matt Rance, Chief Executive of MNH Sustainable Cabin Services, a company that advises airlines on waste reduction. “It’s almost like taking a tube, tipping it upside down, emptying it out and then saying ‘right, fill it up with new stuff again".

Cabin waste costs the industry $500m (£400m) per year, according to IATA, a figure that it says is rising faster than waste volumes thanks to growing disposal costs.

"Bringing this down will require airlines to take a different approach to procurement" says Rance. "If they can be persuaded to focus on a product’s full life cost, rather than unit price, then investing in more durable headsets or blankets and ditching disposables starts to make sense", he says.

"Designing cabin products with waste minimisation in mind can also help", he says. "Qantas, for example, is combining its charity donation envelope with its headset package, cutting one polythene bag per passenger per flight".