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MNH Sustainable Cabin Services works with our airline clients on Laundry and Headset Managment. We provide a consolidated Laundry and Headset servicing solutions; single-point contact backed by network-wide coverage. This gives increased cost control, financial savings and product consistency, whilst reducing resource costs.

We also help to support their sustainability objectives; reduce their cabin waste and meet their environmental objectives.

MNH Sustainable Cabin Services designs packaging with waste minimisation in mind such as plastic-free packaging for Airline Laundry and Headsets. Our plastic-free, sustainable solutions help reduce landfill waste and weight savings onboard.


It’s Zero Waste Week 3rd to 7th September 2018 and MNH is proud to be one of their like-minded sponsors.

The aim of Zero Waste Week is to reduce landfill and rethink waste. This year’s theme is 'Plastic - Unwrapped!' with the aim to reduce single-use plastics… something MNH has been championing with our airline clients for nearly 20 years!



Airline Laundry Servicing Team

MNH Sustainable Cabin Services has worked with Outreach for over 15 years providing valuable, meanfingful work for their specialist workforce and the annual Sports Day is one of their diary highlights.

The 2018 Outreach Sports Day took place on 14th July with over 250 people enjoying the perfect weather for a BBQ.

Excitingly 15 football teams took part in the event this year and for the first time in 6 years, MNH's team were crowned champions!  

Huge thanks to Outreach for organising such a successful and enjoyable event which included so many centres from across Sussex.

Well done to the staff at MNH for a great team effort in helping the event run smoothly and ensuring everyone was well fed! We are all looking forward to next year!

 Airline Laundry Winning Team 2Airline Laundry Cooking Team Sports Day

Read the great article in Spiegel Online about what we can do to reduce plastic use on planes. Reusable items are the way forward - MNH’s Headset Refurbishing programme for Qantas is mentioned - a financial and environmental win.

Read Speigel Online.

MNH continues to work closely with airlines on cabin waste and reusable products which will become increasingly important with the expected expansion of electrical waste recycling legislation in the Southern Hemisphere. Find out more about our Global Airline Laundry and Headset Servicing.

MNH Sustainable Cabin Services Wider Team Walk For Water Charity Walk

Imagine A Life Without Clean Water!

MNH Sustainable Cabin Services provides Airline Laundry and Headset Servicing Solutions worldwide and we have supported the charity WE (formerly Free The Children) for many years.

WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world and make a difference. No matter your age or where you live, we can all make a positive impact – whether that’s volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness for causes that matter.

MNH encouraged friends, family and even a local school to get involved with the WE Walk For Water Event in April.

On Friday 28th April staff at MNH's Gatwick Head Office and children from St Andrew's Primary School in Hove took part in the WE Walk For Water Event.

Ninety-six excited schoolchildren set off on a sponsored walk along the seafront. The children, all in Year 5 at St Andrew's Church of England Primary School in Hove, walked for three miles to raise money for the WE charity, which is tackling the global water crisis.They walked from King Alfred Leisure Centre to the Brighton Palace Pier and back again.

Steve Griffiths, a teacher at the school, said: “We were doing a whole topic on Africa last term, and each pupil had their own country to research and give a presentation on. When they learned about the water shortage that some African countries face, they were quite shocked."

Many of the children were wearing T-shirts depicting their country’s flag, while others had their faces painted or wore wigs!

Emma RanWalk For Water Freddiece (Director at Walk For WaterMNH), whose ten-year-old son Freddie Rance was taking part in the walk, said: “When the children learned that it was often the girls who have to walk to get water, and that they missed out on education as a result, they felt it was quite unfair. They wanted to do something to help, and it ties in with their school project as well.”

In total the MNH Head Office Team and the children from St Andrews School raised over £2,000 for the WE charity.

For more information visit The Argos or WE Walk For Water.