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MNH is proud to have been awarded Regional Laundry Provider Contracts for all the carriers' ports across Asia Pacific; initially in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Guam (Western Pacific), Incheon (South Korea) and Chengdu (Western China).
It has been a real pleasure for our mobile Network Performance Team to work in partnership with United’s dynamic Regional Procurement Team to provide a single point of contact to performance manage all areas of the Laundry Service Chain.
MNH’s specialist IT system; ROTIX® gives total wash cost visibility and inventory control across all ports, backed by exceptional service levels and BI dashboard reporting.
We look forward to expanding our services to additional United ports later this year.

“MNH’s independent status as Specialist Laundry Service Chain Managers means United receive a professionally-managed service, best-in-class laundry network and significant cost savings”. 
Beth Mohr, Sr. Category Manager, Procurement, United

MNH Network Laundry Provider
WestJet recently named MNH as their Network Laundry Provider across their Canadian, US and European network. MNH worked collaboratively with WestJet to provide a single point of contact to manage all areas of the laundry service chain; from port start-up planning and implementation through to ongoing performance and service level management. MNH is proud to be part of WestJet’s team delivering on their ambitious vision for continued international expansion.

“As we continue our development the need to set up and manage a global laundry network would not have been possible internally without significant additional resources. MNH provides us with an alternative - a single specialist point of contact to manage all laundry stakeholders across our network from start up to ongoing BAU management"
Simon Soni, Director - Catering Services, WestJet

For more information read MNH Network Laundry Provider Case Study.

Following the Sustainability Debate led by our CEO Matt Rance at WTCE, we are thrilled to confirm that he has been invited to attend the 2019 Sustainable Cabin Forum in Lisbon. The one-day conference represents a first for aviation in partnership with IATA, bringing together airlines, airports, catering companies, manufacturers, regulators and the European Commission.

The Forum will focus on some of our favourite topics... single-use, plastic-free flights, the cabin waste challenge and the current waste regulatory framework!

Global Airline Laundry Team at WTCE 2019

We've had a great few days at WTCE 2019 - nothing better than catching up with all our friends, clients and colleagues. We loved the focus on sustainability this year and the great feedback from everyone on our Taste of Travel Debate on Cradle to Grave Sustainable Thinking - we CAN make a difference!

taste of travel logo

We are excited to share that our CEO Matt Rance is leading a debate at the Taste of Travel Event at WTCE in Hamburg this year: to what extent can suppliers and airlines work better together to provide cradle to grave sustainable thinking for onboard products.

Matt will be joined by an Expert Panel: Gail Yates (Head of Inflight Services, Virgin Atlantic), Bill Carrejo (Director, Sales and Sustainability, Linstol and Simon Yaffe (Director Client Relationships, Buzz Products).

To attend the session visit the Taste of Travel Theatre at 2.15pm on Tuesday 2nd April located in Hall A3. All sessions are FREE to attend and there's no need to register - simply turn up and take your seat!

For more information view the Taste of Travel Programme.