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MNH features on pages 19, 20, 24 and 46 of Change Is In The Air 2017, Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Report.

It's really great to see what a socially responsible airline can achieve with a like-minded supply partner like MNH.

Since 2008, high value recyclables in Virgin Atlantic's cabin waste have been collected and sent to us and we've helped them to reduce the total amount of this cabin waste to 453 tonnes - that’s a reduction of 43%! Together, this has been achieved through:

  • more innovative product design
  • investing in reusable rather than disposable products
  • smarter loading of products, in line with customer numbers and product use

This has resulted in:

  • meaningful work for hundreds of specialist workforces in the community
  • tonnes of product diverted from landfill
  • better quality headsets onboard AND
  • a financial saving over the disposable equivalent.

That's a Win, Win, Win!!

To read Virgin Atlantic's Sustainability Report in full click on the link below - it's a great read!