MNH recently commissioned an independent research study amongst long-haul airline passengers to assess their behaviours in respect of IFE and their preferences with regards to IFE headsets.

The results show that banded headsets are preferred to in-ear for all aspects surveyed, including sound quality, comfort and overall enjoyment of the IFE.

Key findings:

  • In-flight entertainment remains an integral & essential part of the long-haul flight experience. A substantial majority (71%) of passengers used the IFE on their long-haul flight. As such a core element of the flight, delivery of a good quality IFE experience is key.
  • Preference for banded headsets clearly outweighs that for in-ear headsets for all aspects surveyed ie. sound quality, comfort/ wear-ability, overall enjoyment of the in-flight entertainment.

  • Banded headsets are preferred to in-ear with preference becoming increasingly marked in line with flight duration. For 2hr+ flights, 50% prefer banded headsets (vs only 21% for in-ear).

  • 76% agree that IFE headsets should be provided free of charge. Additionally, the majority agree that on-board products should be produced ethically and disposed of responsibly, and that it is the airlines’ duty to ensure this is the case.

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