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When Qantas recently launched their new high-quality, rotable Headset to enhance and differentiate their onboard passenger experience, MNH was challenged to reduce inflight packaging waste, in-line with Qantas' environmental aspirations.

Qantas and MNH worked in partnership to develop a far more sustainable solution than the plastic envelope used previously to package headsets... a simple paper FSC strip, lovingly known as the Kanga Wrap*.

The Kanga Wrap is a non-plastic, cost-neutral solution that protects the integrity of the Headset and presents the product well. When this plastic-free solution is rolled out across all classes, we will be diverting a meter of plastic per person from landfill every time a Qantas flight operates. That's over 6000kms of plastic diverted pa - enough to stretch from Dubai to Hamburg!

* Registered Design Right MNH Sustainable Cabin Services 2015.