As a key Performance and Logistics partner to many of the world’s largest airlines MNH shares some of the best practice it has used with its client partnerships

to help minimise the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce Service Chain costs…

• Use COVID as a chance to make a step change in technology and data capture to improve management information; in turn reduce stock holding and improve cash flow.

Real-time data capture of daily transactions in Service Chains, replace non-existent (or old fashioned paper-based) systems; to provide both accountability and transparency.

Implement an ePOD system for daily airport deliveries to drive efficiencies and automatically reconcile monthly invoices before sign off.

• Outsource non-core logistics functions to specialist providers who can self-fund by capturing powerful operational data to aid management decisions and drive efficiencies. Get others busy on your behalf!

• Use Consumption analysis to highlight your top 10 $$ inefficiencies and then resolve to drive out cost savings.

Revisit all forecasting – most automated stock forecast systems struggle at the best of times - let alone during or post a pandemic. Stock = cash and cash is king!

Industry best practise - are your service chain partners using industry best practise? If not you are paying for their inefficiencies. Learn what the rest of the industry does and expect no less.

Maintain regular communication with all suppliers and stakeholders within the service chain, electronically and via webinars – even when the news is not good. Your suppliers are more likely to be ready when needed.

• Create live dashboards and management reports to make key business decisions easier and more accurate.

• Emerge post COVID leaner and more efficient with increased visibility and control over service chains and lower costs.

Technology & Data Post COVID is Key

Matt Rance, MNH CEO says “Since the pandemic it’s more important than ever for airlines to control inventory and usage and really manage their supplier network to control costs and consumption. With ROTIX® our Performance Management Platform all performance data is collected automatically from across the network. Service issues and inefficiencies are identified early from trend reporting enabling quick resolution and ongoing performance management.

Post COVID airlines are finding themselves stretched with less resource and more areas of responsibility. Increasingly they are looking to the team at MNH as a cost-effective partner to support their Inflight Service and Ground Services Teams. We self-fund through reduced costs and provide rich BI to aid decision making and ongoing performance management.”

As part of their Virtual WTCE 14th - 16th September 2021, MNH is booking Client Sessions to showcase examples of recent Case Studies to help accelerate your recovery.These Client Sessions will also share best practice in aviation service chains and demo their Performance Management Platform ROTIX®… email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a session.