Performance Manage Onboard Cabin Clearning & Presentation Standards

Historically, MNH’s Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® has been used to manage supplier networks, control Inventory and maintain quality standards but it is also proving to be invaluable in the fight against the pandemic giving airlines and their customer’s peace of mind to travel.

Like all airlines Virgin Atlantic were finding it difficult to maintain consistency with their onboard cabin hygiene and presentation standards across their network and MNH were asked to find a cost-effective enhanced cabin cleaning solution to performance manage the supply chain worldwide.

MNH provides a tailored audit program through the use of its Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® which seamlessly integrates workflow automation, data warehousing, digital asset management and BI reporting.

All performance data is collected within smart web forms that can be accessed on desktops, tablets or smartphones from anywhere in the network. The MNH Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® collects data and provides rich BI reporting. Service issues can be identified early from trend reporting enabling quick resolution and improvement, giving full confidence across the network during these challenging times and beyond.

The benefits our Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® brings:

  • Transparent performance management of cabin groomers and key stakeholders with a live service dashboard and audit trail.
  • Control of cabin standards and audit performance across multiple ports and suppliers.
  • A cost-effective method of managing the enhanced cleaning and communication between all the stakeholders across your global network.
  • Network supplier KPI performance reporting with live feed visibility and performance management network wide.
  • Digital collection and audit reporting with real-time reporting tools and trend analysis for early issue resolution and to aid performance management.

Since the pandemic, more and more airline clients have looked to our Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® to help with onboard auditing and compliance.

How do you track and performance manage your cabin cleaning and hygiene standards across your network?

Some of the world’s largest airlines use our Performance Management Platform; ROTIX® to track, report and improve onboard hygiene and presentation standards.

Contact us now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for complete transparency of all stakeholders involved in keeping your aircraft cabins hygienic, safe and secure – and the tools to performance manage consistent presentation standards across your entire network.

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