Headsets & Laundry: Safe, Secure & Sustainable

We are excited that many of our airline clients are announcing plans to relaunch their passenger flights in the coming weeks. Since lockdown, MNH has been working hard managing stock for our clients around their global networks. We’ve introduced additional safety measures into our production facilities and standard operating procedures to ensure we are ready to service our clients and their passengers, giving everyone complete confidence in the onboard products we supply and service.

Safe distancing and the wearing of gloves and masks is a given in our facilities and both Laundry and Headset Servicing processes incorporate meticulous cleaning and sanitisation, as well as new anti-microbial protection. We have also introduced anti-bacteria swabbing and testing to track prior to dispatch that products meet catering / food grade standard of cleanliness.

"MNH is focused on hygiene, sanitisation and anti-microbial protection every step of the supply chain journey - from when the products leave the aircraft through the Servicing/Wash processes and back onboard again... sanitised, swab tested and in pristine condition.

We look forward to continuing to provide best-in-class aviation Headset and Laundry Servicing; supporting our clients to fly Safely, Securely and Sustainably.” Matt Rance, CEO, MNH Sustainable Cabin Services

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