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Some examples of our bespoke client solutions

Many of our clients approach us to help solve common problems associated with the notoriously difficult to manage airline headset and laundry supply chains. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – so we tailor our service to what each airline needs.

Due to our processes and previous experience MNH is able to part-fund, meaning our clients benefit from a specialist management resource at a lower cost than an in-house equivalent.

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ROTIX - Rotable Supply Chain Management

MNH celebrates the continued expansion of ROTIX®, our bespoke IT system. Our airline clients use ROTIX®, an innovative BI dashboard to improve visibility and decision making over their Headset and Airline Laundry Networks, whilst controlling stock levels and costs.

Traditional IT Systems can’t cope with Rotable Service and Supply Chains like Laundry and Headsets - so we developed one that does; ROTIX®. Backed by our Performance Operations Team we work with airline Inflight Teams to deliver inventory control, cost reductions, improved efficiencies and product quality.

Read the Case Study for more information on how ROTIX® is assisting new clients to reduce costs, improve quality and consistency whilst having access to dynamic management information reports.