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As headset styles evolve, Jo Austin reports on how sustainability is moving up the agenda with customer-focused airlines showing a growing preference for rotable headsets and recycling over the disposable earbud.

The article talks about how over-ear, banded headsets not only perform better, in terms of comfort and sound quality, but give financial and environmental benefits over their single-use counterparts. Focusing on the product's full-life cost, rather than a unit cost and investing in more durable onboard products (and ditching disposables) is key, especially when industry surveys and Skytrax ratings show passengers on flights of over 2 hours prefer the over-ear, banded style of headset!

Read more on pages 69 - 71 in September's Issue of Onboard Hospitality.

Onboard Hospitality - September/October 2017

As featured in the September issue of Onboard Hospitality, our rotable supply chain ERP system ROTIX continues to delight both suppliers and clients alike.

Our clients tell us its because we can bespoke the unique information they receive in these notoriously difficult to manage supply chains.

If you're looking to reduce resource and costs whilst improving management information in your Headset and Laundry supply chains, contact us for more information.

MNH is thrilled to be working with the team at Etihad Airways; providing a consolidated Laundry Service spanning Europe and Australasia, initially across 5 major ports. MNH’s consolidated service will deliver procurement efficiencies, single point of contact whilst managing daily operational service levels.

Operating as an extension to the inflight service team, MNH’s global network and specialist laundry management IT platform; ROTIX will standardise Etihad’s laundry supply chain, driving costs by reducing wash volumes and inventory usage.

MNH continues to expand its global laundry reach adding Etihad to a long list of premium carriers looking to reduce resource cost and improve management information in this area.

Contact us for more information about our Global Laundry Service.


MNH features in the news - read the blog by Zero Waste Week founder Rachelle Strauss! #zerowasteweek


MNH's very own 'womble' Matt Rance is interviewed by The Telegraph's Gavin Haines. It's an interesting read...